Rowing Machine Workouts

Stamina Body TracOn this post we are going to look at the rowing machine workouts and why using a rowing machine is a very good exercise for anyone looking to lose weight and or gain strength. The main reason that rowing is a good workout is for fat burning and gaining strength is because it is considered to be an aerobic exercise and also an anaerobic exercise.

If you would like some tips on on how to pick a rowing machine you can read our article on this subject here.

Aerobic Rowing Machine Workout

Aerobic exercises are basically any exercise that will require your body to use up oxygen to fuel your muscles. As a rule you will find that these exercises are a series of moves that are performed again and again. As you become fit you will be able to perform more of these exercises at one time and that is what will make you much stronger.

Rowing workouts will fall into this group because as you row you will be using the same movements in your arms to row. This can increase your heart rate and will force you to breathe more often, the oxygen is then sent to your muscles to keep them functioning.

As you get fit your muscles will be able to operate much longer and this can increase your general fitness. If you are looking for a very good rowing machine that can perform the workouts you need to lose weight and keep you fit check out our review of the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine?

Anaerobic Rowing Machine Exercises

Rowing workouts are also an anaerobic exercise which means how much resistance your muscles can deal with. Rowing will provide resistance whether you are doing the real thing or on a rowing machine. If you are actually rowing in the water this can provide you the resistance you need but however if you are on a rower you can tweak the settings to provide more resistance.

This means that as well as being a good exercise for fitness it can also bulk you up and you will become stronger and a lot more muscular.

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